Total Supply: 420,000,000,000,000 FLOKIAI

NAME: Floki AI

TAX: 5%

Floki AI combines AI and Shiba Inu dog meme culture to create a unique cryptocurrency. It utilizes AI algorithms to support smart trading and maximize returns. It aims to incentivize long-term investment. Despite being new, its future development is yet to be seen.

Alternatively, Floki AI will be purchased on CEXs(coming soon)

Floki AI ecosystem

Good Fortune Felines

The Good Fortune Felines NFT collection serves as the backbone for the Floki AI community, NFT integrations with Floki AI provide countless utility to GFF holders!

Decentralized Finance

Floki AI token is sponsored by ย Jump DeFi, and will showcase the full suite of Defi capabilities and offerings available with Floki AI on protocol.

Floki AI Creator Economy

As the hub of the creator economy on protocol, Floki AI will provide an extensive database of professionally created content tailored for new & experienced crypto users!

The Floki AI mission

Floki AI will help catalyze mass adoption on BSC Protocol.
Floki AI is the ambassador to BSC protocol and will prove it by maintaining high levels of quality, inclusive education within the crypto community on BSC and abroad.
The utility of Floki AI is structured in a way that provides incomparable value and security to holders by minimizing the impact of investors and core team allocations, effectively putting the community first and allowing them to earn more through NFT and Floki AI staking! Floki AI will leverage the community and partnerships of the Good Fortune Felines to provide every resource necessary to onboard new users onto BSC Protocol. The Good Fortune Felines have a huge lineup of integrations and utilities planned with many of the top projects on BSC that will further connect the growing BSC community.

Floki AI creator economy

As the Floki AI community expands, education will remain our priority as we become the hub of the Creator Economy on BSC. We are working closely with the BSC foundation and hiring professional content creators to develop educational content with crypto/NFT related information that until now, could not be found in any public repository. We will offer tutorials on DeFi concepts, NFT technologies, Web 3.0 economic fundamentals and more ranging from the beginner to advanced levels.
The Floki AI core team has engaged with existing creators and has formed an ever expanding team dedicated to making content for the benefit of Floki AI, BSC protocol, and the entire crypto community.

How to Buy Floki AI

Join the Floki AI community today! We have created some simple tutorials below that will instruct you every step of the way on how to buy $Floki AI. Floki AI can be purchased from (coming soon).

Audit Report

The token has been certified safe by the Haven DAO.

Smart contract & Bug Bounty created by House of Nephilim.

Floki AI Roadmap

Floki AI is available only on BSC protocol. The total supply of Floki AI is 10,000,000,000 with [TBD] Floki AI in circulation. Floki AI token is the first on BSC Protocol to implement refractions which assert a 5% tax when Floki AI is sold. Half (1%) of the Floki AI tax is automatically burned; creating a highly deflationary mechanic. The remaining 4% Floki AI tax is deposited into the Fortune Cookie Vault where i t is rewarded back to holders.


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Floki AI Team

Floki AI is a community driven project that aims to become fully decentralized. Below are some of the core team members who have have made major contributions to the Floki AI project!






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